Be Happy & Create...Always!


My Background

  I realized my passion for art in all of its fascinating aspects, while serving and traveling with the Air Force for over 10 years. It is with these experiences that my wonder-lust would ultimately provide me with the inspiration to create. I also pull my inspiration from nature, human emotion and my unconventional imagination. Although I appreciate and work in several different mediums, I usually enjoy oils, because they allow for reflection. They offer the opportunity for reevaluating and connecting with the environment. The longevity of this method makes way for change and adjustments giving one time to adapt to the present moment and create the desired reality, and that is the kind of pause and flexibility I aspire for myself personally and professionally. By seeing beyond quintessential beauty, such as a fully bloomed tree, a crystal blue lake, or an impeccable landscape full of vibrancy, I attempt to present these scenarios in different set moments in time, all of which I consider magnificent. It is often, that I find myself moved by sadness, or injury, and even by fear but also, so often, by joy, compassion, empathy & love. The inspiration comes in many forms and every new creation is a passionate new beginning for me.


My Medium

I use many different mediums to include, but no limited to: oil, acrylic, paper, ink, watercolors, and found objects.



My inspiration comes from nature, human emotion and from my environment.
I express myself in many mediums and with these diverse options, it is often that my work lends itself to quirky, unconventional, desolate, “lonely” and sometimes even apocalyptic landscapes and images, but I find that there is significance, beauty and merit in all of the stages of creation, and in every moment of being.  


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