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"Nikki is a very talented painter, photographer, and all around gifted creator. She has an eye for composition no matter what medium she chooses.  She also cooks and sings like an angel...there is really nothing that Nikki does badly.  She was born with innate talents, which she has practiced and honed throughout her lifetime, and it shows in her art." William Hicks -Author and Artist | Los Angeles, CA

 "She's a free spirit and it definitely shows in her art"  

Jean Vitelli Tuinman | New Haven, CT

"I have witnessed a transformation in Russo’s work in the past year and I was honored to feature her latest collection of paintings. Her pieces are beautifully presented with great thought and she has always provided wonderfully written details about the inspiration for her work.

Nikki is always prompt and courteous, and she comes to every encounter with an enthusiastic attitude and willingness to help. She has continuously exceeded my expectations as a participating artist."

Candy Canning -Art Project Boise, Founder; VIVD Artist Spaces; Co-Founder; Instructor, & Art Education, Boise State University | Boise, ID


I have known Nikki Russo for over 10 Years, not only as a great artist with a keen sense of taste, but an awesome human. Her energy is contagious and is such a joy to be around. To know her is to love her. Some of the photos she has taken of me while performing are my favorites. 

David Connolly, Performing Artist|Los Angeles, CA|2019

 I’ve known Nikki for nearly 20 years as we met in Los Angeles CA as creatives in art, music, food, wine and the joy for life. Back then she mainly worked in photography, often in the genre of landscape settings. She has a very unique and gifted eye in depicting the undermined details of Nature and humanity embedded throughout our domestic mundane. Reminding us of the beauty and humanity in all things, she shows us her lovely sensibility and profound heart. 

More recently Nikki has transitioned into painting. I recognize her knack for the Post-Modernism, Romanticism, Traditional and Abstract approaches in her themes and application of paint. She’s taken to the medium like a duck to water. As much as I’ve enjoyed her photography, I’m most excited to see her painting – and remarkably accomplished. She’s a true creative and the best of her is yet to come – and happening now.

Peter Alan, visual-conceptual mixed media painter | Sonoma, CA | 2019